e-News March 2020

Vincent’s Club e-News
March 2020

The Club and COVID-19

The new President of Vincent’s Club, Hannah Danbury, her committee and the Board of VATC hope that you and your families are well and send you their very best wishes in these extraordinary times.

Hannah herself is a Medic, as are so many Vincent’s members, resident and alumni, and to them, and all Members who one way or another are helping combat COVID-19, we want to say thank you, and take care!

In this brief email we introduce Hannah, give news of the Club’s response to C-19, and make a few suggestions for the future.

Dear Members of Vincent’s,

It is an honour to have been elected as the new President of Vincent’s Club. The Club has been a home for me amid the hectic life of a medic at Oxford ever since I was made a member back in early 2018.

Vincent’s ability to defy the boundaries of colleges and sports teams has meant it remains at the heart of sporting excellence at Oxford. The Club also creates a unique bonding of camaraderie and friendship, and it is my mission to protect and further develop these qualities throughout my year as President.

I have sat on the Club committee for the last two years, firstly without portfolio, and then as events secretary this last year. This, along with many years on the committee of the University netball club will, I believe, stand me in good stead to lead your Club.

It is my aim to continue work on widening the number of sports clubs from which we elect the membership, and increasing both the overall number of resident members, and the number of women elected, so the ratio of male and female members reaches parity.

However, I take over the role in some of the most uncertain times many of us can remember, and there will be many challenges as we attempt to navigate the Club through uncharted waters. I have every faith that we will be successful, especially with the support of our VATC directors and alumni members.

It is already apparent from the work done on the risk assessments and cash flow, that your monthly and annual donations will prove vital to Vincent’s survival. The increase in these gifts over the past few years has put the Club on a much sounder footing, and to all alumni who regularly give I have to say we are eternally grateful.

Thank you for all your assistance. I hope to get the chance to meet many of you during this year, and trust that we may get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Hannah Danbury.
Vincent’s Club President, 2020-21
Oxford University Netball Club,
Worcester College, Medicine

 News of the Club

The Club closed on the 17th March, partly as a result of our own risk assessments and partly on the advice of the University. Later that week the Government called for the closure of all pubs and clubs.

The Club committee is in touch with resident members and where possible is offering help and support. VATC and the staff have responded rapidly to try to secure the financial well-being of the Club in the face of all trading income ceasing for perhaps six months. The University does not expect to have many students back for Trinity term as teaching and exams will most likely be done online. It also looks like all sport will be called off, just as the Boat Race and Henley Royal Regatta have been already. Sadly, the annual Summer Cocktail party has also had to be cancelled. We have lost all external bookings for dinners and conferences.

Actions taken:

  • Set up a small group of VATC directors to monitor the situation regularly, especially risk assessments and the cash flow forecast
  • Furloughed our full-time staff
  • Are following up on other aspects of government assistance for small hospitality businesses
  • Cut all unnecessary expenditure
It goes without saying that without donations from you, the alumni, we would be in an even more precarious position. Thank you for your support. If you do not yet make a regular gift to Vincent’s there is no better time to start! Details may be found here: Vincents.org/fundraising/

Thank you!

On the positive side!

Vincent’s has over 5,000 alumni members world wide. Another member cannot be far from you! If you need help, are worried, or can offer help to another member, in any way at all, please let me know and I will do my best to put members in touch with each other.

Other ideas:

  • If you have not bought a copy already why not email me and order a copy of the Club History?
  • Why not use some spare time to access the website Vincents.org  and even fill in and scan the Update form back to me?
  • If you do have time on your hands why not register online and try to find other members that way? Email webmaster@vincents.org to ask for a password to access the Alumni register.
  • If you have any stories, anecdotes, or recollections which you’d like recorded for posterity, and possibly shared with other members in Blues News or these emails, please email them to me.
  • We would also be very keen to receive photographs of your Club memorabilia in order to create an online archive, and share with others. You know who to email!
Take care and thank you!

The excellent Club History: “Vincent’s: 1863-2013” may be ordered from the administrator.
Please keep us informed of changes of address, business and email.

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