Vincent’s Club Head Chef – Job Description


The title of the job which the Employee is employed to do is Head Chef of Vincent’s Club.

The Employee’s usual place of work is 1A King Edward Street, Oxford, OX1 4HS. The Employee may on occasion be required to work elsewhere in Oxford at events organised or sponsored by Vincent’s Club.

The Head Chef’s line Manager will be the Club Steward. The chef may also refer to the Bursar, and ultimately the Vincent’s Appeal Trust Company (VATC) Finance Director. The chef is expected to work in harmony with the Bursar, Steward, and the Club President and his/her Committee in all matters related to Members of the Club.

Personal Qualities:

The Head chef will be enthusiastic, experienced, reliable and hardworking. He/she will be well organised, flexible and willing and able both to serve fast food for students at lunchtime, and creative menus for booked dinners. Attention to detail is a must.

The successful applicant will hold at a minimum a NVQ 1 & 2 in Professional Cookery or equivalent, and a current Food Hygiene Level 2 certificate. They will have experience of managing menus to achieve agreed GP’s, accurately keeping all necessary paperwork up to date, and ensuring the kitchen assistant’s time is well used.

Duties and responsibilities:

Are at the discretion of the Steward; the general responsibilities of diligence, competence, honesty, loyalty and civility to members of the Club and their guests will always apply.

  1. i) Financial management:

The Head chef must at all times have the profitability of the Club in mind. They must work with the Bursar and Steward to:

  • Develop initiatives to increase food sales both in and, especially, out of term time.
  • Ensure that Vincent’s receives the best prices from suppliers in all areas for which they are responsible for purchasing.
  • Ensure all food purchases are recorded, signed for, and looked after, and that sales prices are properly monitored so that margins and the food GP target set by VATC is achieved.
  • Ensure that all paperwork required is kept efficiently, accurately and that stocktakes, wastage sheets etc. are produced in a timely manner.
  • Produce accurately priced menus for all lunches, dinners and events when requested.
  1. ii) Operation of the Club:

The Head chef must ensure the efficient, profitable, and hospitable operation of food service in the Club in liaison with the Bursar, Steward, the staff, and the President, through:

  • Collaborating with colleagues to ensure that an overall strategy for the Club’s food offer is formulated and implemented.
  • Overseeing the hours of the kitchen assistant to ensure efficient and profitable work practices.
  • Ensuring compliance with Health & Safety, and Fire and Hygiene regulations in the kitchen.
  • Ensuring the security of the kitchen, all stock, (and the Premises and its contents when in the Club alone) and compliance with covenants in the Club’s lease of the Premises. Such security and compliance to be undertaken in accordance with arrangements approved from time to time by VATC and the Club’s Landlords.


Remuneration and appraisal:

The role of the Head chef is full time. The basic salary will be c. £25-£26k, per annum less tax, national insurance and other statutory deductions which shall be paid monthly in arrears on or around the last working day of each month. There is the ability to earn up to c. £30k with overtime. Term-times require flexible working, including Saturdays, with vacations allowing for time to be taken in lieu.

Typically the chef will work lunchtimes, Monday to Saturday in term (0th week to 9th week inclusive) and as many evenings as possible. During vacations working hours will be agreed with the Steward and Bursar to maximise revenue for the Club. Hours worked will be recorded by the Steward, and overtime will be paid for hours worked over an average of 39 hours per week. The hours worked will be according to operational requirements and at the discretion of the Steward. Such reconciliation will occur three times a year, at the end of each vacation. Overtime is paid at the rate of £12 an hour.

Holidays: The Head chef is entitled to 20 (twenty) days holiday plus Bank Holidays per annum. The holiday year runs from 1st January to 31st December. If the Head chef is required to work on a Bank Holiday, they will be entitled to time off in lieu. Holidays must only be taken during University vacations, and must be agreed in advance with the Steward.

There is a contributory pension scheme, and meals whilst on duty and uniform are provided.

The Head chef should expect to meet with the Bursar and Steward for an appraisal of his/her performance at the end of each term. This will be judged on the financial results, reports on the quality of food produced, its efficient serving, and feedback from colleagues and members.

There will be an initial probationary period of six months.