Covid-19 Appeal

Vincent’s Club Appeal

The Club closed its doors as a result of Covid-19 on the 16th March, 2020. It was able to open twice during 2020, for short periods, but owing to the necessary precautions, and reduction in capacity, meaningful trading was impossible. The Club was finally opened in May 2021 after three National Lockdowns.

That Vincent’s survived the last twelve months is in no small measure due to the generosity of its alumni members. Some of you have already very kindly sent in gifts, and many of you, through your regular monthly and annual donations, have ensured that the Club has had some revenue on which to draw. Thank you!

We have also benefited from a Government grant, and the furlough scheme. However, this comes to an end in October and, as we attempt to re-open, we are faced with a very difficult situation. We have to trade with all sorts of (sensible) restrictions in place, which makes returning a profit almost impossible. We have also spent a considerable sum on ensuring we open safely, for example on screens, and the ongoing extra deep cleaning costs will be considerable. VATC made the brave decision to support the resident members by opening, but in the full knowledge that the Club will lose money by doing so.

Please will you help?

1. An Annual (or monthly) Gift

The reliable and regular income stream from annual or monthly gifts is the lifeblood of the Club. It is this revenue that has kept the Club going this year and, with Covid-19 still with us, we need to accelerate the Five Year plan to raise further regular gifts.

The majority of the member donations which were set up following the appeal in the 1990’s come in during October,
so this would be an opportune moment to revisit your gift.
Many standing orders date back further, with some still at £1.05 per annum!

We realise that many people and institutions are facing difficulties at the moment but, if you are able to, we would much appreciate you increasing your standing order, or ideally making a new monthly or annual pledge using the University online system:

Many of you started new direct debits for the V150 project, but some of these have expired. Please could we ask you to review your regular gift to the Club. A monthly gift of £5-£10 would be most helpful.

(More details about supporting Vincent’s, alternative payment methods, and updating your records may be found at and

2. A One-off Gift

To help raise £60k towards the costs associated with Covid-19 over the next year. We need to raise this as a reserve to de-risk the business plan for re-opening, and to preserve our existing capital for the long-term.
Thank you again to those who have already made a gift. These funds are imperative to assist the Club over the next year as we try to keep open, and look after students and staff alike.

A gift of:

  • £50 would help to pay for sanitising products for a week.
  • £100 would help to cover a member of staff’s daily wage.
  • £250 would cover the weekly deep cleaning cost.
  • £500 would help towards the cost of the 10 screens we need.
  • £1000 would help subsidise the costs of opening for a week.
  • £5000 would help subsidise the running costs for a month.

During the pandemic, there will be a special donors’ board at the top of the stairs with the names of all those who have so helpfully assisted the Club to reopen.

Furthermore, all new annual donations of £120 (£10/month), or any one-off gift of £100+ GA, will be thanked with a specially made washable face covering, in dark blue, with the Vincent’s Club crest.

Your support in assisting the Club to continue despite current challenges, and in enabling the students to enjoy as close to a “normal” experience as possible during their short time at Oxford, would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

Please give here:

For further details please contact the bursar:

Simon Offen
Bursar & Alumni Administrator
1A King Edward’s Street, Oxford. OX1 4HS