Awards Criteria

The Vincent’s Club Award Scheme will provide financial support, through the making of financial awards to outstanding scholar-athletes, whether applying for admission to the University of Oxford or already admitted to it.


Awards are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of all countries who, in addition to their academic capacity, are talented sportspeople and display qualities including:

  • Strong academic attainment coupled with sporting achievement and potential.
  • Strength of character, fellowship and leadership potential.
  • An interest in participation in broader activities, including outreach.
  • A commitment to helping those less fortunate.

In 2018/19, a minimum of six awards are available. The Selection Committee reserve the right to vary the amounts of the awards.

Vincent’s Awards will be worth up to £3,500 per annum. These may either be awarded in full or split up into smaller sums. The awards are intended to assist applicants demonstrating the aforementioned qualities (and more) to lead a full life and to develop their talents at the University of Oxford. Particular attention will be paid to candidates with the potential for all-round contribution to the University.

It is important to stress that these awards were established with the aim of promoting and sustaining top-class student-athletes in Oxford, regardless of financial background. Therefore, whilst financial information is requested in the application form, it will only be used to differentiate between two candidates of equal standing.

Please note that students will be entitled to receive the awards in addition to any other bursaries which are available from the University or their college. The awards will be available for practitioners of all officially registered University sports. The scheme is open to all students.

Submission of an annual report to Vincent’s Club on academic and sporting progress is a requirement for all Vincent’s Award holders.


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